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Eat Goodness. Cherish moments. Share experiences.

Welcome to Slim Mezza!

Creating beautiful grazing tables, grazing boxes, and fresh food platters for all occasions.

Founded by Marleine Alagha, who after years of hosting events and parties at home for friends and family, she was encouraged to start up her own business and share her catering skills. So, this is where Slim Mezza began.

Marleine’s mantra “Creating beautiful grazing tables and fresh food platters for all occasions” stems from her passion for making people happy through food and presenting it on a beautifully styled table. Slim Mezza strives to design grazing tables and platters to suit your tastes, budget, and style with expert coordination. Her Lebanese heritage and experience in Middle Eastern cooking has influenced the way she prepares and presents an abundance of food for everyone to share at a table.

Our commitment for locally and internationally sourced produce with the freshest ingredients used, means you can rely on receiving delicious tasting food.

Made with Love.

Marleine Alagha